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OS Workshop: Windows for beginners

This is the first workshop in the series of Operating System (OS) Use Workshops. Focused towards Windows 10 beginner users, this would also be useful to users of Windows 7 and 8.

OS Use Workshops

This series of workshops will require that you bring your own laptop. If you do not own a laptop, we may be able to arrange a temporary computer for you to borrow. Each session is one and a half hours and we will go at the pace you are comfortable with! If you have specific things you would like to learn, I am sure I can accommodate.

Places are limited to 6 seats per session. To book your place please contact me, Connor, via or buy your spot online here

What does this workshop series cover?

  • What is Windows OS?
    • Windows vs MacOSX vs Linux
    • Difference between programs, apps and the OS
  • Setting up and customising your user ac count
    • Changing name, avatar and password
    • Setting default applications
    • Customising theme and layout
    • Changing power settings
  • Using the OS
    • Cortana and search
    • What should you avoid?
  • Installing and Uninstalling programs
    • What should you install?
    • Runtimes, what are they?
    • How to install and uninstall apps
  • Keeping your OS healthy
    • Keeping files organised
    • Shutting down, sleeping and hibernating
    • Backing data up
  • Advanced Techniques
    • Diagnosing issues
    • Updating the OS
    • Using the process viewer
    • How to deal with problem programs